1. Former Belle
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  2. William Wild
    Knoxville, Tennessee
  3. The Po' Ramblin' Boys
  4. Fruition
  5. The Lawsuits
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  6. The Honey Dewdrops
    Baltimore, Maryland
  7. Marty O'Reilly
    Santa Cruz, California
  8. Jeremiah Tall
  9. Joel Levi
    Nashville, Tennessee
  10. The Hill and Wood
    Charlottesville, Virginia
  11. Duke Evers
    Seattle, Washington
  12. Just Lions
    Portland, Oregon
  13. Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash
    Austin, Texas
  14. The Dead Lovers
    Berlin, Germany
  15. The Holy Ghosts
    Edinburgh, UK
  16. Tommy Brown and the County Line Grass
    Mount Washington, Kentucky
  17. Nancarrrow
    San Diego, California
  18. Josh Damigo
    San Diego, California
  19. Blisses B
    San Francisco, California
  20. A House For Lions
    Los Angeles, California
  21. Jack Lawtey
    London, UK
  22. Bianca Caruso
    Los Angeles, California
  23. Scary Little Friends
    San Francisco, California
  24. George Kamel
    Boston, Massachusetts
  25. The Palominos
    San Diego, California
  26. Mercies
    Los Angeles, California


Randm Records San Diego, California

Randm Records is an Independent record label offering up, well, randomly great music. Indie, Rock, Americana, Country, Bluegrass, Folk, and whatever else we like. We hope you like them too.

Oh, and we have a pretty awesome recording studio, the Lost Ark Studio, where we get together to make many of these fine records.
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